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Daylight Savings Time – Homeowner’s Checklist

Daylight saving time is the practice of setting clocks forward an hour in order to maximize use of daylight hours. This year, it ends on November 2nd when clocks are set back an hour at 2:00 am. While you’re restoring … Continue reading

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Cheap Chills for a Hot House: Ways to Keep Cool and Costs down this Summer

Now that we’ve finally beaten our way out of one of the coldest meanest winters in recent history, it’s time to start managing the thermostat in the other direction. For the next 16 weeks or so, folks will be battling … Continue reading

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Save Money on Your Electric Bill — 5 Ways to Bury Vampire Energy Suckers

Who doesn’t want to save money on their utility bills? How many times a day do parents plead with their kids to turn out the lights and shut the television off when they leave the room? Surprisingly, all that well-intentioned … Continue reading

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